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The Mission

Reflecting Change's mission is to partner with individuals and organizations to tap into their purpose and their values for personal and professional success.

Do you need clarity on your goals and clear steps on how to achieve them in a way that feels authentically you? 

Do you want to align your actions with your core values and beliefs?

Do you want to inspire lasting change in our community or in your environment, while placing people at the center? 

At Reflecting Change, we understand that the path to achieving your goals and creating change can be both empowering and challenging. We are here to partner with you to gain the support, tools, and insights you need to navigate this journey with confidence and clarity.

Our coaching philosophy centers around the belief that true empowerment comes from within. We are committed to helping you connect with your power, discover your unique strengths, cultivate a profound understanding of what truly matters to you and use that to create change.

Whether you're looking to enhance your career, change the systems or communities you navigate, or live a values aligned life, we are here to partner with you. 

Strengthen Your Impact

Reflecting Change offers three avenues to partner together.  Choose the path that appeals to you!


Enroll in one on one coaching sessions. Become a better leader by connecting to your power and gaining clarity on your goals.

Sessions are client led, with a focus on shifting mindsets, harnessing power, and setting goals.
Coaching Details


Provide a workshop or Professional Development opportunity for your staff or your community.

Facilitation services for retreats or programs that you currently have planned.  Special projects upon demand.

Training Details


Check out RAICES STL, a subsidiary of Reflecting Change that honors the Latino Culture and Inspires Pride.

It empowers the community and highlights the Latino communiy's roots in the fabric of St. Louis Culture.
RAICES  Details


I have had the amazing opportunity to work and partner with Krysta Grangeno in multiple capacities and have consistently been in awe of how she shows up as a leader.... She is a dynamic facilitator, inspiring speaker, and unflinching truth-teller, consistently challenging others to center and follow the lead of impacted people. Most recently, Krysta served as a facilitator of WEPOWER's Power Building Academy, an intensive 48-hour leadership development and community organizing training exclusively for Black and Latinx community members.  She holds the space in a way that is engaging and welcoming while challenging others to embrace their power and use it with confidence and courage.

- Charli Cooksey, Founder of WEPOWER and TEDx Speaker

Krysta Grangeno

My work inspires changemakers and creatives to reflectively, intentionally, and creatively pursue their dream and change the systems around them.

I provide self-empowerment and systems change coaching and facilitation services for individuals and organizations that want to unlock their leadership potential and dive below the surface of typical systems change work.

  I help leaders understand their why and their values in order to root themselves and create change in their personal and professional lives. I also work with organizations to dive deeper than the surface and focus on the human components of systems change for long term, transformative impact. 

Through coaching, facilitation, and our products that find strength in our cultural roots to inspire our inner leaders, Reflecting Change can partner with you to rewrite your future.

Ready to get started?

There are a variety of ways to partner based on your needs, but all will be rooted in the concepts of collaboration, integrity, authenticity, creativity, and DEI.
If you are interested in any of these services, please reach out for a session.

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To inquire about future partnership opportunities, please book an inquiry call.

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