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The Reflecting Change blog will push you to reflect on situations and perspectives with the intention that as you change and shift on the inside, you will begin to reflect that change in your interactions every day.
To reflectively change our practice in our organizations and in our community, we as leaders must continuously reflect on our own experiences, values, ideas, biases, and identities. These elements meld together to form the basis of who we are, how we see the world, how we process the actions of others, and how we choose to navigate the situations around us.
Through reflection, empathy, and creativity, we can begin to change our core responsiveness to be more intentional, just, and inclusive for all.
January 1, 2021
A 2020 Life Lesson: Living as Your Authentic Self

Who are you? This is the question that I found myself coming back to in 2020 as the world around me seemed to spiral out of control, challenging everything I thought I knew about my community, my circle, and my own identity. We as a collective entered prolonged quarantines that threatened our financial, parental, mental, […]

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December 2, 2020
Trauma: The Hidden Hurdles in Our Work and How to Overcome Them

I must say that I have learned long ago that we must lean into these self revelations, no matter how uncomfortable or emotional they may be. They often come at critical junctures in our lives to clear out the obstacles that are preventing us from achieving our highest purpose. We should not be afraid....but rather curious. Be curious about yourself and believe in your ability to transcend all perceived setbacks to fulfill your dreams.

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October 30, 2020
We Can Change This: Choose Your Legacy

Each and every one of us has the potential to positively impact our community. We don't have to be extraordinary, special, or exemplary by history's definition. In addition, each and every one of us has the potential to positively change the course of someone else’s life if we choose to do so. But that is the key, we have to actively choose to do so

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October 6, 2020
Personal Connections are Born Out of Listening to Personal Stories

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” Winston Churchill This past week, my dear husband realized a life-long dream of mine - built me a wall to wall window seat with bookshelves that that extended from the top of the seat […]

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September 26, 2020
Our Personal Stories Have the Power to Create Change

Our memories are the windows into our past. We use them to reminisce about our dearly departed loved ones, our favorite and not so favorite times during childhood, those fun and wild vacations, and those moments in our lives when the next chapter started. Our memories are our often all we have to remember where […]

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September 16, 2020
Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello Everyone! After 9 months of planning, I am officially launching my blog!! As we start this journey together, I think it is important to introduce myself to you and to set the stage for my viewpoint/experience with the world. As I tell you about myself, I challenge you to start thinking about your own […]

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