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Krysta Grangeno, 

BSSW, MS Nonprofit Management

Why Do I This Work?

Even from a young age, Krysta knew that not everyone had equal access to opportunities and wondered how we could change our personal landscape and the landscape of society.
Meet Krysta Grangeno, a trailblazer driven by a passion for authenticity, empowerment, and values. Growing up amidst adverse childhood experiences, including abuse, substance abuse, and instability, Krysta found herself pondering the stark differences between families and their generational traumas. This powerful journey fueled her commitment to change the trajectory of individuals' lives and uplift communities.
With a Bachelor's in Social Work in hand, Krysta wasted no time diving into a community organizing internship through the Center for Community Change. Following graduation, she wholeheartedly embraced her role in the local affiliate of the Gamaliel Network, collaborating with church leaders to build bridges with immigrant communities, develop leaders, and influence national-level policies.
Driven by a desire to effect immediate change in individuals' lives, Krysta took her expertise to the family engagement field in Head Start/Early Head Start. Her dedication and partnership with parents and community members paved the way for an innovative, multi-cultural Family Engagement program in the St. Louis area. This groundbreaking initiative not only alleviated financial and parenting stress but also launched the leadership careers of parents, celebrating and embracing diverse identities within the community.
Through intentional program development, individual coaching, group workshops, and collaborative feedback loops, Krysta and her team empowered parents to achieve their financial goals, strengthen relationships with their children, and become influential leaders within regional committees and advocacy programs. The transformative impact of her work even caught the attention of local elementary schools, seeking her guidance to enhance their family engagement programs.
Recognizing that long-lasting change requires a profound understanding of organizational systems, Krysta pursued and achieved her Master's in Nonprofit Management. This knowledge fueled her influence in shaping foundational shifts within the organizations she served.
In her roles as an Operations Director, Chief of Staff, and now as an Early Care and Education Resource and Referral Senior Manager, Krysta continued to serve both nonprofit and for-profit organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. Her expertise extends to facilitating focus groups and leadership programs, operations, DEI, and program development. Through these endeavors, she tirelessly advocates for systemic change, addressing inequities, and creating opportunities for people to shine.
Key Highlights:

Worked with stakeholders and other fellows to re-design and impact the early childhood system in the St. Louis Region, resulting in The Playbook.

Trained and coached parents and community members sat on committees to distribute a million dollars to black-led nonprofits, represent the voice of parents across the state of Missouri, and advocate for transportation, immigration issues, and their children’s education.

Helped organizations strengthen their infrastructures and integrate DEI initiatives, racial equity principles, and embrace multicultural organizational cultures.

Featured on the Modern Nonprofit Podcast and received the 2022 Helios Award from the Bailey Foundation.


Bachelors in Social Work

Masters in Nonprofit Management

Pursuing coaching certification in Life, Leadership, and Executive Coaching from the Institute for Coaching Excellence

Fighting for Change


As part of the Tomorrow Builders Fellowship, brought together the community to re-imagine and re-design the early childhood system in the St. Louis region and served as a facilitator for the Powerbuilding Academy in 2022.

New Leaders Council St. Louis Chapter

2021 Institute Member 

Former Committee Member

Advisory Board member for Chisolm's Chair, preparing women to run for office, and Steering Committee member for a local campaign to approve tax money for early childhood education.

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