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Embracing the strength to seek outside perspectives, tap into valuable resources, and expand your capacity is a powerful step towards achieving your goals. That's where I step in to support you on this empowering journey. Together, we'll harness the collective wisdom and resources to propel you towards success and fulfillment.
We will complete our work together, rooted in the following values:
Respect - I commit to valuing and uplifting your diversity of thought, opinion, and identities in our work together and encourage you to lean into the strengths these provide. 
Collaboration - I commit to partnering with you to unlock your power and potential to achieve your goals and aspirations.
Creativity - I commit to partnering with you to think of out of the box solutions and spark your creativity in the process.
Authenticity- I commit to being true to myself and ensuring my values and actions align and encourage you to do the same.  I will be honest with myself and others and take responsibility for my mistakes.
Integrity -I commit to being true to my word and live by my principles of respect, honesty, empathy, and truth.  I commit to encouraging you to live by your own principles and align them with your actions.
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Work with me

By working with Reflecting Change, you will become more connected to your why and your values, using them to anchor yourself and you pursue your goals.  You will also learn how to focus on the human components of systems change for long term impact.

Initially, I came into contact with Krysta when she was leading a community workshop about advocating student and parent needs. In that initial training, she stood out as a coach who asked thoughtful and provoking questions that shifted mindsets. Whether she knew it or not, she changed my orientation as a leader that day by pushing me and others to center everyone's voices & strength as a collective vs. focusing on the goal/outcome. As I've worked more closely with Krysta in other professional endeavors, she is reflective, wise, and intentional with her planning, coaching, and vision setting. She is unafraid to challenge systems that deny the humanity of people and asks the hard questions to push humans and organizations to be better, think differently, and make change. I would highly recommend her as a coach, guide, and thought partner if you are looking to align your beliefs towards true actions. She will hold you and your organization accountable in a loving and authentic way.

-Jackie Gold, People Centric Consultant and Community Leader



- 1 hour session: $100
- 1/2 hour session: $50
- Opportunties for 8 week - 6 month packages

Everyone deserves the same access to opportunities, so please reach out regardless of financial position. There is a sliding fee scale based on houshold income.
Partnership Includes:
Exploring Your Why
Identifying Your Core Values

Undertanding and Embracing Your Power
Exploring Your Strengths and Creating Goals for Personal and Professional Success


Do you want to transform relationships, shift mental models, and transform power dynamics for long term impact?  Reflecting Change can help you.

Available for facilitation of focus groups, retreats, and programs also.
Create Group Cohesiveness and Shared Vision
Build Relationships and Connections across Teams and Sectors
Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset: Cultivating the Mindset for Success


The Latino community is strong, resilient, vibrant, and community oriented.  Embrace and uplift the community by visiting the RAICES STL Website today.

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